Forest River “Wolf Pup Travel Trailer” Review

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    The Forest River Wolf pup travel trailer is a great option for budget-friendly travel. It offers all the amenities you need and more. The Forest River wolf pup travel trailer is affordable and offers a wide range of impressive features.

    Wolf Pup Limited Package

    The Wolf Pup Limited Package has impressive exterior and interior features. The well-equipped kitchen features a 11-cubic foot refrigerator, flush mount range and seamless countertops.

    Advantage Package

    Advantage Package includes 14” tires Travel Kit for better towing, a 26” door rather than 22” and an aerodynamic front profile. This RV’s unique features will make RVing easier.

    Wolf Pup is all about safety. They offer a variety of standard safety features, some that you might have to pay more for. The family will be safe thanks to standard emergency exit windows, a smoke detector, LP gas detector, carbon monoxide detector and safety glass windows.

    Want to learn more about the Wolf Pup travel trailers we have for sale? Get in touch with us. We will help you choose the right RV for you and provide all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family. It’s easier than ever to finance your RV or boat.

    Are you looking for a lightweight trailer that is affordable and will provide your family with a home away from home? The Cherokee Wolf Pup is a charming travel trailer. The RV has everything you need without breaking the bank. Read our Cherokee Wolf Pup Travel Trailer Review to learn more.

    Spacious Kitchen

    The spacious kitchen is designed to allow everyone to cook delicious, healthy meals. This kitchen is perfect for cooking quick meals or creating an entire meal. Wolf Pup is a great option for families who are traveling together.

    Large Living Space

    You will love how the space is designed to make your family feel at home, whether you are parked at the campground or stopping for lunch. This RV packs many features into a compact package. It has durable flooring that is easy on the eyes and a nice dinette so you can share meals.

    The Wolf Pup was designed to give you a place to rest before you start your day. Relax, unwind and enjoy the RV. You will love to business is booming dream sweet dreams and appreciate the RVs’ ability to provide space for your family, as well as for you.

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