7 Things You Need to Have in Your “Travel Kit” Essentials

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By AugustusWilliams

What are my Essentials for my travel kit?

1. Laundry supplies

Dryer sheets, laundry soap, and dryer sheets. Travel kit essentials all. I am able to pack less if I can refresh… For the unlikely event that pods break, I only bring powder detergent. Prepackaged detergent can be used, or you can put some powder in a ziplock bag. Double-bag it for extra protection.

2. A Length Of String

You may find a hotel with a retractable line for your clothes in the bathroom. But what if it doesn’t? Your own clothes line will create a Business is Booming more relaxing atmosphere than socks hanging over lampshades. Your imagination doesn’t need to be limited to clothes lines. This string is useful in many different ways. Once, I had to figure out how I could get a carpet from Tunis’s Souk. It was rolled up like a bedroll, tied with string that I had and taken it on the plane. It was easy.

3. A flat rubber stopper

Have you ever been to your accommodation only to discover there is no stopper for the bathroom sink? I’m sure you have. I have tried to stuff a hoobly facecloth in the drain. It doesn’t stop the water from draining, but it slows it down. A flat rubber stop is better. It fits all sizes of drains. You can also use it as a grip when you’re trying to open jar lids.

A foodie’s got to eat… and drink

4. A Corkscrew

You can ask most accommodations to provide one, but it is not necessary to ask if yours are available. Some European countries don’t have the same rules as us about wine consumption in public. For a picnic at the Eiffel Tower, you will need your corkscrew.

5. Utility Knife

These knives are great for picnics. My folding utility knife has helped me cut baguettes, cheese and meat. A decent utility knife can be used for so many purposes. This knife should not be carried in your carry-on. Your travel essentials should be kept in your checked luggage.

6. Cutlery

I always bring one complete set. Although two might be more romantic, it’s still a great idea to bring one. This is why you will appreciate it if your family has gone to the local grocery and bought yogurt. You can also get a salad at the deli to accompany your picnic.

7. Collapsible Mug

This is an optional, but very useful option. It is easy to find a disposable cup wherever I go. If you have a collapsible coffee cup, like mine, it is one less thing to look for when you are on the go. Yes, you can drink wine out of a mug. The mug can be used to make soup or instant oatmeal.

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