Plumbing tips for new homeowners

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Many homeowners don’t have the skills or knowledge to handle plumbing problems. Although it is a common belief that the man in the house is the most handy, this is not always true. These are simple plumbing tips that new homeowners can use.

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Look out for the Water Main

You will eventually need to be able turn off the water supply to your home. A burst pipe or a leaky pipe can cause flooding in your basement, or other rooms. Keep the location of your water main in mind once you have it located. It might be necessary to make a note, or remind yourself on your phone. It should be kept in the bathroom.

Avoid blocking the drain

Another great piece of advice: Don’t clog your drains. We know this is not an easy task. Grease, oil and fats are not substances you should put down the toilet. They can block the pipes even though they are hot right now.

Choose the right plunger

The right plunger is the one for the job. There are many types of plungers, which is something that homeowners often don’t know. Toilets and sinks require different plungers. Don’t let this fool you! Use a cup plunger for tubs and sinks. It’s another story if you need to unclog the toilet. This is where you’ll need to use a plunger.

Do Not Heat the Water

Don’t heat the water too much. This is another piece of advice that can be difficult to remember, as the mornings in late Winter are still quite cold. Look closely at your water heater as well as your water meter. Both can keep track of your water usage and temperature. Use warm water and not hot water to avoid burning your skin, even if the water pressure and temperature are not right for you.

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