Online Video Hosting Services Free of Charge

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By AugustusWilliams

A no-cost web-based video hosting service is an excellent option to make your videos available for sharing. There are a variety of ways to host your video. In this article, we will discuss several of the most well-known. They are Wistia and Brightcove and Vidyard and MXtube. Take a look at our review of video hosting to learn more. You can also test Wistia free of charge.

WistiaThere are numerous advantages of Wistia’s no-cost streaming video hosting service. It is possible to start right away. There are three options to choose from. These plans let you upload up to three videos as you want and provide a variety of other options. Videos can be embedded. You control who sees your videos and the number of views they get. You can personalize your player by adding your personal logo, social links or even an advertisement on the sattaking-india format.

Wistia also provides video hosting at no cost along with marketing tools and player options that can be customized. Advanced plans that contain the possibility of 10 videos may be purchased for $99 month. The free plan includes three videos. The Advanced plan is POA for those who aren’t willing to commit to a monthly payment. There is also an unpaid tier, however it’s limited to three videos. It could be something you’d like to try for a brief duration.


Brightcove is an excellent option if you’re seeking an online service for video hosting that is cost-free. Brightcove provides video hosting as well as cutting-edge marketing tools that can allow you to reach more people. Brightcove provides a variety of features for marketers, including advanced analytics tools and monetization. Brightcove is compatible with a variety of well-known marketing platforms as well as CMSes. Videos can also be added into your CRM.

Brightcove is a great choice If you’re looking for an online platform that is free and offers professional security features as well as high-quality video streaming. It has some limitations. It limits video streaming to certain countries and offers the option to monetize your videos for professionals only. You can upload, arrange sharing, or even upload your videos using an user-friendly interface. Brightcove is a great option for teachers.


You’ve come to the right place to find an online video hosting site. Vidyard is an excellent option for companies because it offers a variety of options that can be utilized by any business. Vidyard is compatible with all video formats such as 360 and 4K and offers comprehensive analysis that can assist you in improving your videos and your business. Vidyard lets you create your own video hub and channel that will help you reach your viewers. Vidyard provides three plans beginning with the free plan. It includes unlimited recording uploading, sharing and uploading. You can upgrade to the Vidyard business plan, which comes with completely customizable video CTAs for videos and analytics, as well as integration with CRM/MAP.

Wistia is another option for B2B marketers. It provides an easy to navigate interface for uploading and make videos. It also permits users to study the data on engagement and then transfer it onto other platforms. It also allows you to backup all of your videos. Editing your videos is easy without changing the URL. Business plans can be used to create branding for your player. It is also possible to add multiple videos.


SproutVideo is free and comes with many options that let users create videos of high-quality, engage viewers, and much more. Advanced analytics for audience are offered for filtering data by the country or domain. You can choose which videos you wish to play as well as the resolution and whether autoplay is required. SproutVideo allows embedding videos on websites, and also integrating with major CMS systems for content management.

SproutVideo is similar to Dubb in that it has a website building tool similar to Dubb however, the latter offers more options for customization. Dubb offers the same features like SproutVideo, however it also provides additional powerful marketing tools. SproutVideo is focused on providing videos. The trial account of Dubb is free however there are some limitations. Users can only modify their websites by manually altering the code. SproutVideo has a monthly cost to modify pages.


Dailymotion is second only to YouTube in regards to video sharing. It allows users to upload high-quality videos and also include an URL within the description. URLs are an essential SEO ranking element. Dailymotion is a great source of new videos. The site is used by more than 300 million users around the world, who watch 3.5 billion videos every month. Dailymotion lets you earn money from your videos by establishing your own website or selling ads in video or providing paid content.

Dailymotion provides two membership levels. You can upload up to 10 videos per day on the basic plan, however there’s a limit of 2GB per video. The videos you upload cannot exceed 2 hours long. Advanced plans let you upload up to 96 videos each day, without limitations on time or size. Additionally, you can get assistance from Dailymotion experts via the plans that are paid. If you want to host several videos at once Dailymotion is the ideal option.