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Learn more about the American Welding Society and how you as a professional will benefit from it. Have ever heard of the American Welding Society? Established in 1919, the society — also referred to as AWS is a non-profit institution that works to enhance technology, science, and the application of welding, allied joining and cutting techniques and ensuring safety for those who are a member of the welding community.

Nearly 70,000 members around the world support the principal goal of the society. They don’t just support welders but as well business leaders, fabricators and the leaders of sales and service teams. There is space for everyone within the society. The certificates that relate to welding enable you to gain knowledge about the process through the various certificates.

They have certified over 97,000 welding inspectors in 1976, which was the year that marked the beginning of the Certified Welding Inspector program.

Although the headquarters of AWS are located in Miami, Florida, they also have New York as their headquarters when they started in the first place, which is why they’re headquartered in New York. Even so, the American Welding Society has connected welding societies as well as experts from all over the world to set high-quality standards when it comes to welding professionals.

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What are the advantages of having a certification through AWS?

As per their site, AWS has a very clear mission “Advancing the science, technology and application of welding and allied joining as well as cutting techniques worldwide, which includes brazing, soldering and thermal spraying”.

They invest in educating professionals and experts in welding and related works. That’s why having a certification from the American Welding Society is really fascinating for anyone looking to make a name for themselves in this field: from the fabricators to welders, from business executives to the sales and support teams, to merchants, and even the organizations, scholars, educational institutions…

By obtaining the certificate you can prove that you had an intense evaluation process that was established by the Qualification and Certification Board of the AWS which will distinguish you from peers.

We could list a number of advantages in addition to the being different from other welding professionals with a certification by the American Welding Society:

  • It indicates that you’re trying to improve your welding skills and could open new career opportunities.
  • It is a method to show that your experience is validated by a certification and accreditation board against an approved set of welding guidelines and standards;
  • It demonstrates that you’re capable of assuming the position of a higher level in your career and also that you are open to learning more. Additionally, you will be able to gain an advantage in competition;
  • You will get higher wages. You will be paid more if you are certified by American Welding Society.

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Employers will notice that you are more qualified than workers without certificates.

The certification is also useful for companies: as we said before it is not just the welders who are able to profit from the American Welding Society — everyone, from the business owners to the educational institutions, can enjoy the advantages of having a certification.

The advantages for businesses can be observed in the fact that your business will be able to boast a a mark for perfection in educating your employees -this will help you increase sales. Companies with AWS certification have a higher chance of having greater sales than companies that have less capacitated employees.