The Big List of Home Business Ideas

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By AugustusWilliams

Some people have a clear vision of what their home business should be. This is a great starting point for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur. The rest of us might need some assistance in choosing our dream business. This is the list for all of us.

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There are many home business ideas that require different skills, time commitments and start-up costs. This list is intended to help you get your mind moving so that your research can begin for your new home-based business.

  • Develop Mobile Apps

Although a degree or experience in app development is important, it is not enough to have a technical background. A profitable business plan requires you to come up with an idea, choose a platform, market it, set prices, and get it into the app store. Partnering with someone who has all these skills is a good idea.

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  • Start a Consulting Business

One of the most common ways to start your own home business is as a consultant in your field. You may be able to start with a client you have worked with previously in another setting. However, networking and marketing are necessary in order to attract new clients.

  • Offer Cleaning Services

Although it doesn’t take a degree or special training to start a cleaning company, it requires a lot more effort and knowledge about how to run a business. One could offer a variety of cleaning services, including house cleaning, laundry and window washing.

  • Tutor

You can either start an in-home tutoring company or become an online tutor if you have teaching experience. While the former requires some networking to build a client base; the latter doesn’t. Combining both is a great way to make extra money as you build your client base.

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  • Working in Child Care

You can start a home-based childcare company by babysitting or opening an in-home daycare.

  • Direct Selling/Network Marketing

Multi-level marketing and direct selling companies like MaryKay, Tupperware, Avon, MaryKay are very popular home businesses that can be scaled to suit the individual’s needs.

  • Crafts business

To start your own business selling arts and crafts, you need more than just an artistic flair. You must first be good at what your craft is, and then you need to learn how to market it online or in person. These resources will help you decide if this is the right path for you.

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  • Editorial Services

You can do this in many ways, from creating your blog to freelance editing for a publisher to publishing your book. Freelance writing is a great home-based business if you have the experience and skills. You can still get that experience if you aren’t already a freelance writer, but it may take some time before you begin making real money.