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Moissanites have actually been getting a great deal of press recently as well as a rising variety of young pairs are choosing this rock over diamonds. Despite this spike in popularity, many people are still quite clueless as to what a moissanite really is. Below we detail whatever you require to recognize before you get a moissanite.

Where Does Moissanite Come From?

Moissanite was first discovered by Henri Moissan in 1893 in a meteor crater in Arizona and was named in his honor. Initially Moissan misinterpreted it for diamonds but later on recognized that it was a rock in its very own right.

Moissanite in nature is incredibly unusual, a lot to ensure that all Moissanite Rings on the marketplace is lab-created. Normally happening moissanite is just found in a couple of areas in top mantle rocks and mostly in meteorites. This connection to deep space is why this stone is occasionally called the ‘ room ruby’ or ‘stardust’.

What is Moissanite Made of?

Moissanite is constructed from the mineral silicon carbide. Strong covalent bonding holds the crystalline structure together, comparable to diamonds. This is why moissanite is extremely tough as well as able to withstand high pressure as well as temperatures.

Is Moissanite Fake and Tacky?

The solution to this concern is quite just, no. Many people erroneously believe that moissanite is a fake gem however this coincides with thinking that rubies are counterfeit.

It is important to keep in mind that moissanite is a rock in its very own right that simply takes place to look like rubies. To put it simply, moissanite is a ruby look-alike not a ruby impersonator.

A high quality, well set piece of moissanite fashion jewelry is as elegant and advanced as any other gemstone.

Moissanite Durability

Moissanite is among the hardest gems on earth, and also in the gemstone world, 2nd only to diamonds in durability. It is much more difficult than rocks such as sapphires, emeralds or rubies as well as an outstanding option for daily wear. Moissanite can withstand daily direct exposure as well as is extremely immune to damaging or breaking, placing at 9.25 on the Mohs range.

Moissanite is ideal for usage in any sort of fashion jewelry and also suits a range of designs. Whether you wish for a maximalist or a minimalist piece, moissanite can suit flawlessly.

As a result of its intense shimmer, moissanite is gorgeous when you intend to dress up and include some glamor.

Moissanite tennis bracelets are another elegant as well as innovative alternative, whether for laid-back or official attire. Like a ruby tennis arm band, these don’t come low-cost however they do look great.

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