FaZe Chemo: Dies Fans are stunned by the flood

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Anas was very well-liked and popular on the video sharing site. His account had over 440k followers and more than 10,000,000 likes. He was also a frequent TikTok user and loved by both KSI as well as his fans. He was a huge fan of the FaZe clan and this led to his nickname ‘FaZe Chemo.

FaZe Chemo struggles with cancer

Anas had the disease, and it was well-known. Many of his TikToks dealt with the topic. His brother shared the news via his TikTok profile on October 30th. “Anas has been suffering from more and more pain in the last month. His bloodstream was contaminated with cancer, which spread to his other leg bridgehunter, gaucho pants shoulder, and head. It became worse each day. He finally died in the presence of my parents at 8:30 EST on October 30, 2013.” The news shocked celebrities and fans alike.

KSI shares his thoughts about FaZe Chemo passing –

his previous videos, KSI had reacted in kind to Chemo’s TikTok videos. They also often interacted via TikTok. A very serious-looking KSI posted a TikTok video offering his condolences. “So, I received the news that FaZechemo had died, so I wanted to say peace in his memory, my man,” KSI stated. In reference to TikTok video, he also said that FaZechemo would always have an even better beard than him.

FaZe Chemo Clan reacts to the news

FaZe Clan sent a tweet expressing their sorrow over Anas’ passing. They said, “We are saddened by the passing Anas Alazzawi,” referring to a fan who was beloved all over Tik Tok as FaZe Chemo. The tweet included a link that took users to a GoFundMe page set up by FaZe Chemo’s friend. This was a nice gesture. It was set up to assist his family with their medical bills. The goal was $50,000. $11,000 was raised at the time of writing this article.

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